How to Say Fuck You With a Smile on Your Face

January 10, 2016

My mom is a badass.

She was a #girlboss before there were hashtags. She was a #girlboss before it was ever popular.

When I was five she went back to work. (When I say back to work, I mean back to an office. To me the term “working mom” is an oxymoron. But I digress.)

I don’t think she ever really knew how successful she would become. At the beginning, I think it was a way for her to take control of her life and have daily interaction with adults. After time, the hours grew longer, the promotions extended to new territories and brought about fancier cars. I will never forget when she got the black Chrysler. During my teenage years in the 90’s, I spent a lot of time with mom in that car. We rode together to school and she picked me up from my after school activity or obsession, horseback riding. 

Soon after the Chrysler there was the car phone.

Do you remember those? They were huge and seemed to be Fisher-Price inspired with their  massive buttons. My mom’s phone was always ringing. And picking up the phone was never an easy task. She would reach across the console, trying to keep her eyes on the road, one hand on the wheel while she yanked the massive clunky brick of a phone out of the cradle.

This one time, she picked up the phone and the person on the other end was yelling and screaming. My mom was calm, composed, and professional.

My mom listened. She repeated the caller’s concerns so they felt heard. And she asked pointed questions to find a solution.

She didn’t let his/her anger, and frankly unprofessional and demeaning tone, take away from her response.

After a few minutes of listening, once the caller had calmed down, she explained that they should pick up this conversation again tomorrow after everyone had slept on it.

When she finally put the phone down she turned to me and said, “Kayti, you can’t just hear people you have to listen to them. And sometimes you just have to say fuck you with a smile on your face.”

My mom has always had a strong voice. And she knows how to use it. Most importantly she knows that you can be fierce, authentic, and kind at the same time.

Because of this skill my mom has been wildly successful. For over twenty years she has been a leader within a predominately male industry as a sober woman who could not care less about golf.

So why am I telling you this?

Because your voice matters!

And HOW you use your voice online matters.

As entrepreneurs and solopreneurs this skill can determine the fate your business.

And, since you are here on my new website, probably meeting me for the first time, I think you should know how I can help you.

I help small businesses like yours find their own unique voice.

I can give you the words to move your dream clients to buy and love what you sell.

And you know what? You don’t have to beg. You don’t have to become a robot sales person either.





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