Give Your Brand a Voice

Kayti Doolittle

One morning you open your computer to find a cat video with over 1 million views. Your heart sinks. You wish people would look at your website as much as this precious damn video.

You have been working so hard. You feel like you have given up everything.

You traded in your safe career to create your own socially conscious business, because you really wanted to make a difference.

Your family thinks you are crazy. Your old boss thinks you are crazy. You are starting to wonder if you are crazy.

Now instead of 45 hours a week of work, you are working 80. You feel like you are spending money quicker than you are making it. You need a website. You need a logo. What about social media? You spend money on a designer instead of getting your hair cut. You answer emails instead of sleeping. You try to do all this while you are meeting with people and networking, because business is all about relationships right?

You are doing EVERYTHING, but the cat videos still win.

It has been a year since you started this business and you are feeling defeated. You feel like you aren’t making an impact.

No one is noticing you. Could your dream be a dud?

Maybe. Sometimes it takes a few failures to really find out what you are meant to do.

Or maybe not. Maybe you don’t have the right words.

Your brand needs a voice. But not just any voice. Is your brand funny, smart, clever? Are you selling to millennials? Do the words on your website fit your brand’s personality? Or are the words on your website flat, boring and unoriginal?

You can’t expect people to pay attention if your words are generic and irrelevant.

So, yes your words matter.

How much do your words matter?

Think of the words on your website as a salesperson. They make your customers feel welcome. Your words educate your customer and they help them find what they really need.

You want to have the BEST salesperson you can find. Especially online. Because most people only spend a few seconds on your website. In those few seconds you have to give them a reason to stay. And you have to give them a reason to act.

But your words can’t JUST be a salesperson. Because really let’s face it no one likes being sold to. And if you have words that don’t fit your brand, your mission and your customer, your website will feel like it was invaded by a gaggle of used car salesmen.

Kayti Doolittle

Why do you NEED to work with a copywriter?

You may be a great writer. But copywriting isn’t just about telling a good story. In some ways copywriting is like being a psychologist. There is a science to it. You have to understand people and why they behave the way they do. And as copywriter that is my life. I am constantly studying, experimenting and learning about people. I am constantly measuring how and why people respond to certain words. But I don’t just stop there. After those experiments I know how to take that data and pump it up with soul. Creating soulful copy is an art. Art inspires people to act.

Another truth I am sure you are already aware of... As an entrepreneur and visionary you have to accept the fact, that you can’t do and be everything. You can’t be the designer, writer, head of marketing, expert photographer, strategist and bookkeeper. In order to be successful you have to surround yourself with people who shine where you don’t.

Don’t spend your life trying to be everything to everyone. You will lose that battle. Do what you love. That is why you started this in the first place.

Kayti Doolittle

What Can I Do For You?

I can create copy for the following:

  • ADS

To save your time and mine, I want to let you know what I don’t do:

– I don’t ghost write books.
– I don’t edit novels.
– I am not a personal or virtual assistant.
– And I am not a business coach. (But I know one that could change your life.)

Are we a match?

I ONLY work with businesses and entrepreneurs who are out there to make the world a better place. Our world needs some help. I believe we have the power to make a difference. And I know there are entrepreneurs out there today fighting the good fight to create real lasting social change.

For those out there putting their heart, soul and wallet on the line to help this world get to where it needs to go – cheers to you. You are why I wake up every day.

If you are still reading this and you are thinking, Hell yes! Then we are probably the perfect match. But, if this sounds a little woo woo to you, then it is probably best we go our separate ways. Best of luck to you.

Do my clients like working with me?

I will let them tell you.

Dr. Chris Michaels

Kayti is one of the most creative people I know. Her insights are amazing and well matched to her talent. Kayti has a unique ability to express her curious nature in writing and has made a huge difference in upgrading the quality of my blog posts and other social media content. She is well-versed in what's trending today and has her finger on the pulse of change.”

Dr. Chris Michaels
Linda Buchner, Co-Founder of MINDDRIVE

Kayti has a unique talent for drawing you into a story. Hiring her to write copy for you, whether it's a new piece or creating something from what's been written before, she takes you on a journey of discovery as you begin to see things through her lens. Her craft as a wordsmith will enlighten you to a new way of seeing something that you say about yourself or your company every day. She brings freshness and a modern flair to make the story new and compelling.”

Linda Buchner, Co-Founder of MINDDRIVE

Kayti has become a critical part of my team. She quickly understood who I am, what I want to give to my audience, readers and clients, and my goals for growing and engaging with my community. She has helped me further peel back the layers to new depths of really understanding my customers - who they are, what they're most interested in, and how to better connect with them through all the offerings I create. Her research has been invaluable as my team works to further define my customer avatar, and write my brand story that will be part of our future efforts. Kayti's research has also expanded my reach for speaking opportunities and connected me with intriguing radio show guests. She is highly organized, fun and works with my team to implement and integrate elements of our broader strategy. My social media following has increased in both numbers and engagement across multiple platforms since Kayti's involvement in content and strategy. She has a particularly valuable grasp on connecting with millennials. Working with Kayti is a pure joy!”

Dr. Michelle Robin

What is the investment for my services?

I am not the Denny’s of copywriting. Churning through hundreds of clients at supersonic speed for a few dollars would never be a meaningful way for me to work. It would not light me up. So no, I am not cheap. But I am worth it. And your business is too.

I charge by the day or by the project. And without knowing more about your business and your needs it is hard to say what I would charge for x project. However, I would love to chat with you more about your business and wordsmith needs.

How can you get started?

I offer a full range of copywriting services, including retainer packages, one-and-done services, and custom projects. Let’s chat! To get started, email me at

Want to try a package?


Need an about page or an opt-in page? I will write one full website page for you. I will create copy that speaks to your dream clients and gets them to stop, notice and open their wallets.


During this process I will provide three thirty-minute calls with me for free!

You will have have one call with me at the beginning to get us started, one call in the middle to track our progress and one call at the end to finalize and solidify the project.

Also, this one webpage could inspire the rest of your website.

Just think about how this could transform your headlines, blogs or newsletter.

Book Now | 2 Payments OF $247

Disclaimer: I won’t create a viral cat video for you. But I will help you get noticed.
Plus, once you find your voice, cat videos will once again be enjoyable.